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History of Gear - Bruce's Books 02/16/15 03/25/15
History of Gear - The Backpacking Revolution: Table of Contents 02/03/15 03/20/18
Bruce Johnson on Holubar 04/25/14 03/25/15
Bruce Johnson on Gerry 11/10/13 03/25/15
Bruce Johnson on George Rudolf 11/09/13 03/31/18

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Bruce has a great History of Gear website and 5 books on the people, places, and equipment that have defined the Outdoor Industry.

He says, "The lure of beautiful, innovative outdoor gear drove me into the history of the industry and its colorful founders. The fun was in the researching, writing, photographing, and tracking down mysteries. This is the kind of work I enjoy the most."

A more complete bio is available here. 

OutInUnder has replicated Bruce's Table of Contents to provide an easier connection from material here to his History of Gear site.