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Bob Woodward Recalls Bob "Speedy" Coleman and David Mitchell 06/16/13 08/25/14
Peter Langmaid on Bob 'Speedy' Coleman 05/31/13 08/25/14

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Bob Coleman was a born and raised Berkeley original, which meant he valued friendship, loyalty, and having a good time. Bob graduated from Berkeley High School in the mid-60s, did his undergraduate work at Chico State College, and earned as Masters degree in Philosophy from the University of Hull, in Hull, England. 

At Sierra Designs, Bob was an 'inside' guy working first in manufacturing (yes, we made stuff back then) and then running the mail order fulfillment operation. The mail order business was growing rapidly back in those days, and Bob managed to provide excellent customer service despite the heavy workload.   

A passionate and devoted Oakland A's baseball fan, Bob earned his nickname "Speedy" as an accomplished long-distance runner. Asked why he took up distance running, Speedy explained it was because he wasn't any good at baseball. 

(Much thanks to Peter Langmaid for the bio!)


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