Camp 7

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Some background from Bruce Johnson's History of Gear:

Mr. Lamb was a gear pioneer who did work for several of the early pioneering companies from the Boulder area. References put him connected with GERRY and Holubar, and also with Wiggys....Like the founders of most of the other Boulder pioneering companies, Mr. Lamb was a climber in his own right; one of his most memorable ascents was a first ascent of the Pigeon in the Bugaboo Mountains of Canada.

Alp Sport was the first of the companies Mr. Lamb created, and that was in about 1960. At the time he was a poor college student with his first child, living in a mobile home. He had formerly worked for Gerry Cunningham as Mr. Cunningham's "Factory Manager." After several years of success with Alp Sport, there was a kind of re-naming of Alp Sport into "Alpine Designs." After the sale of Alpine Designs to a corporation called General Recreation, Inc. of Ithaca, New York, Mr. Lamb rested for a moment and then created his final company, Camp 7, in the very early 1970s

Employees in Stories

All Employees

Employee Tenure Position(s)
George Lamb   Founder
Keith Brown 1980-1981 Cutting, Pattern Assistant, Inspector
Alice Davenport mid-70s Seamstress
Bob Davenport mid-70s Janitor
Steve   Head Cutter
Leroy Baton 70s Plant Manager

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