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March 8, 1976

Mr. Klopp:

My staff, in cooperation with the staff of Earth Metabolic Design,
Inc, is putting together an exhibit for the United Nations "Conference
on Human Settlements" to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, in May
1976. The exposition will consist of theme exhibits demonstrating
techniques and technologies for building better human settlerments. The
conference will be attended by many thousands of people from all over
the Earth, including some of the world's top shelter experts, planners,
architects, goverment officials, students, and the general public.
This United Nations conference is a follow up to the U.N. sponsored
conference on the environment held in Stockholm in 1972.

Our exhibit will be a working display of a self-sufficient dwelling
unit for a family of four. Two fourteen foot diameter domeswill provide a protective covering. Our purpose will be to demonstrate resource-efficient, and enviromentally sound housing using presently available components.

I writing to you because we want to include your down bags in
this exhibit. Not only would your product be seen directly by thousands
of decision makers, but receive widespread media coverage as well.
(Already I have inquiries frcm the Royal Institute of British
Architects Journal, Architectural Design Journal and Design and Environement
Journal as to the specifics of this project so they can feature an
article on exhibit before opening of the conference.)

Our exhibit is designed for portability. After the United Nations
Conference on Human Settlemnts has concluded, the exhibit will be moved
to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for exhibition during
the international World Game Workshop, July 3rd through July 31st, 1976.
Discussions are presently underway to show the exhibition at the Boston
Science Museum and elsewhere after Philadelphia. 

Your down bags would be an integral part of this exhibit. All 
contributions will be acknowledged since one of the major purposes of 
this exhibit is to infom people as to what is currently available, and 
where the products are available. Hence, your carpany will be featured 
as well. Already we have received commitments of products and services
from Sears Roebuck and Company, Chicago Illinois; Edmund Scientific
Company of Barrington, New Jersey; The Magee Carpet Conpany of New York
City; Scandia Enterprises of Costa Mesa, California, manufacturers of
the Twenty-First Century Geodesic Dome; Windworkss of Mukwanago, Wisconsin,
designers of wind generation systems, and the Gemini Syncronous Inverter
System used by the Natioæl Aeronautics and Space Administration and the
Energy Research and Development and  Administrtion; and Thomson Solar
Homes, Inc., of Washington, Doc, , designers of the "Solaris" home
heating and cooling system.

It is our hope that all of the above will prove to be a sufficient
inducement to allow you to donate your dam bags to this project. To
facilitate a response, I will have my assistant, Bob Crews, call
your office in the next days.

R Buckminster Fuller

Hap's Response

March 10, 1976

Dear Mr. Fuller:

I am in receipt of your letter of March 8th and  I wanted you to know
that The North Face would he delighted to participate in the exhibit
your staff is putting together is putting together for the U.S. "Conference on Human
Settleements". We are willing to donate the sleeping bags you 
suggested or whatever assistance we might be able to put forth.

If I am traveling when Bob Crews calls please have him alternatively
ask for Mark Erickson who has been apprised of all of the details.
We certainly recognize the honor and importance of being included
and thank you for your consideration.

Bruce Hamilton (whom you met in Los Angeles showing you our/ his
geodesic tent) and I are both interested in attending the exhibition.
Where could we find out the particulars regarding it and would we
be eligible for participation?

On behalf of my staff and company I would like to thank you
for the time and courtesy you extended our design staff when they
visited you.

Hap Klopp

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