What is OutInUnder.com?

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OutInUnder is about stories. Not the stories Pepsi or Coke tell you in order to sell you their products but the stories you tell with family and friends...the stories that want to be told when you get together at events and reunions.

This is a pilot project to build a 'slow social media' around what I consider the deepest form of human communication - trading stories.

The project began with folks involved with backpacking and mountaineering gear. (OutInUnder = Outdoor Industry Underground.) The result is a growing oral history in text, pictures, and video & audio recording. It tells the story of the outdoor biz in our own words:  who we are, what inspires us, where we've come from, where we're going.

It is maturing into a platform for all sorts of groups (families, buddies, start-ups, etc) to share and collect their core stories. If you'd like to use it, too, drop me a note.

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