Sierra Designs Employees by 1971

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From, almost literally, a garage in Richmond, California, Sierra Designs blossomed into a full-scale design, sales, and manufacturing operation. Help us identify these folks for fun and beverages!

Help identify the folks in this pictures. Use the comments field below to leave information. We'll meld it in.

01 Peter Langmaid
03 Stanley Ho
08 Arela Beary
10 Robin Linnett
12 Pieter Hartsook

13 Ruth Pereira (?)
21 Alan Foster
22 Carol Davidson/Wicarska
23 (Elena Vialo)


36 Trish Gassler

41 Michael Sergeant

48 Ana Abita
52 Kermit Johnson
53 Sue Kricken alias Sleeping Bag Sue

58 Paul ?
60 Paul Kramer
64 Bob Jensen
65 Glenn ? (Warm Things founder?)
66 Chris Frederichs

68 John Oliver
71 Wei Ting Huey
72 Bill Ellsworth
73 Henry Gruchacz
74 Anna Chepourkov aka Chepourkova
75 Jaye Cook

From the Editor -

Efforts to chase down names elicited this from Bill Ellsworth. I though it might help to spark folks' memories. Bill says: I worked in the retail from June 1971 to August 1974 (that's when I went back to finish school).

And so, these are names from that period that I can remember.  

Duane Tom  accounting
Alice Blair  accounting
Donna Grenier (sp) sewed our sleeping bag shells at home
Robin Herrarra (sp) office receptionist
Candace Duran  mail order
Dan Balaba (sp)  accounting
Wei Ting (Bill) Huey  at this time he was kind of a janitor and later in the accounting office
Mrs. Miu Huey  sewing
Mr. Gim Nom Huey  down room
Butch Clark  mechanic ?  Butch, Jack, Alan, and Lynn Ferrin started Clark and Associates
Jack Clark  mechainic ?
Barbara Brauer  retail
Chris Jones retail
Jack Hughes retail office
Chris Fitzgerald  retail office
Heidi Helmer retail
Ron Baldasari (sp) mail order
Karla Pfiel retail
Frank Graetch retail
Peggy Ricketts retail
Greg VanKorsel (sp) retail
Ray Rapp manufacturing with Peter and Speedy
Diane Rapp  can't remember
Michael Davidson retail
John Davidson retail
Sharon Studebaker  retail
Primo Santini retail
Henry Wilder  retail
Sue Wah Tong  sewing
Joy Elliott  sewing
Don Wilhelm  retail
Gunnar and Elaina Vadvedt  retail
Jon Dostal  retail
Rob Stinson retail

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From Paul Kramer
From Paul Kramer: I remember 02, but can't remember her name.. 10 was the production guy, what??  Allen?, but sure Henry will remember 12 was a guy that worked in production maybe the down room? 22, Elena Vialo? 53 "sleeping bag Sue?" what was her name, Henry will know 52, is that Tony? is 49 Michael? 58 Paul? 65, isn't that the guy in mail order shipping..? From Henry Gruchacz: 03 Stanley Ho 10 Robin Linnett 21 Allan Foster 22 Carol Davidson/Wicarska 35 Dick Mann's friend 36 Trish Gassler 41 Michael the cutter 53 Sue Kricken alias Sleeping Bag Sue 58 Paul 63 Robert Swanson 65 Glenn 66 Woody's squeeze 68 John Oliver 73 Me 75 Jay Cook Didn't see Dennis McWhorter, Lynn Ferrin, Woody, and a lot of the Sales Staff.
Gary Jensen (not verified)
Person #64 is my brother, Bob
Person #64 is my brother, Bob Jensen.
Gary Jensen (not verified)
Possibilities: 26 Massey Ng 71 Wei Ting Huey 72 Bill Ellsworth
lin (not verified)
71. Is spelled Wei T. Huey.
71. Is spelled Wei T. Huey. He's my brother and Miu Huey is my ma and Gim Nom Huey was my pa.
Jaye Cook (not verified)
Leave a Comment. (Please,
74 sitting on my right -75- is Anna Chepourkov aka Chepourkova, we were an item at the time and shortly left SD to do a bike ride across Canada. More?
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More? Yes, please!
More? Yes, please!
Jaye Cook (not verified)
Leave a Comment. (Please,
Another person missing in the photo who worked there at the time is Holly Grunewald. She and Chris -66- were pals and alums of UCSB. Holly was a trimmer and other occupations and George thought she was great at trimming and was loud in his complements. Holly wrecked her motorcycle about that time and lifelong issues persisted. She lived in Mexico for years and died there.
Michael Chessle... (not verified)
I remember this photo. Wasn
I remember this photo. Wasn't Marty Stilling in it somewhere? Skinny hairy beatnik like all the others. Started Snow Lion down gear (first to import from China), Erehwon (climbing shop) in Chicago, never worked for SD I think.
Jaye Cook (not verified)
I was hired in early1968 by
I was hired in early1968 by Don who was running the retail store. After a year or so I was asked if I wanted to work downstairs in manufacturing. George taught me how to lay out fabric and patterns and use the cutting machines. There was a long table with a mechanical devise in which rolls of fabric were mounted and it when up and down the table reversing at either end leaving a thick layer of fabric where the patterns were laid out. 60/40 material, ripstop nylon, canvas, fabric for backpacks.The cutting machine was similar to a electric jig saw with a motor on top operating a a cutting blade. ( I wonder if any work like that is still done in the US?) It was a very enjoyable work place. "Team spirit" sound kinda hokey but I think we all felt like we were making a contribution the the general situation. At lunch we would go to Spenger's or Brennan's and eat out in the parking lot. Most afternoons there would be a custard break and one of us would go across to Brennan's and get a bunch a custards. Bobby Kennedy was running for president. I went down to Oakland width my friend Pam Street and had a chance to shake hands with the man. Some day I will write how we tested the tents upstairs in retail.
Steven M. McCarthy (not verified)
I worked at Trailwise, down
I worked at Trailwise, down 4th Street from Sierra Designs. I was the shipping clerk. Sue Kricken worked there, but I forget what she did. She lived up on Shattuck Ave, near Francisco Street. She had a daughter, I think. Then she moved to Sacramento. We were pretty good friends, but I lost touch with her when I went to law school (surprise, surprise). If anyone out there in Berzerkeley knows where she is, please pass along my email address: TIA.


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