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Paul: Jack, I was in Hong Kong as you said and I had written a letter because of course we have been trying to buy Sierra Designs and with the possibility that they wouldn’t be able to do it, I had written a letter of resignation that I have given to you and of course it was all on the up and up.
Ingrid and I were in Hong Kong designing Sierra Designs fall line and fall for fall 1994 I guess it was and so I didn’t know. I wasn’t there Halloween night. Ingrid and I got back I think Saturday and then I got a phone call from you saying, telling me what happened and so I wasn’t there, didn’t get to see you with your six gun and stedson and I heard about it, wish I had been able to go over there too, so it was an exciting moment. I told Bonnie my wife what had happened and that we were going to start a new company and Monday morning, I went into the new offices, I had been over there yet, it was quite a change.

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