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I was hired in early 1968

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I was hired in early 1968 by Don who was running the retail store.

After a year or so I was asked if I wanted to work downstairs in manufacturing. George taught me how to lay out fabric and patterns and use the cutting machines. There was a long table with a mechanical devise in which rolls of fabric were mounted and it when up and down the table reversing at either end leaving a thick layer of fabric where the patterns were laid out.  60/40 material, ripstop nylon, canvas,  fabric for backpacks.The cutting machine was similar to a electric jig saw with a motor on top operating a cutting blade. ( I wonder if any work like that is still done in the US?)

It was a very enjoyable work place. "Team spirit" sound kinda hokey but I think we all felt like we were making a contribution the the general situation. At lunch we would go to Spenger's or Brennan's and eat out in the parking lot. Most afternoons there would be a custard break and one of us  would go across to Brennan's and get a bunch a custards. Bobby Kennedy was running for president. I went down to Oakland with my friend Pam Street and had a chance to shake hands with the man.

Some day I will write how we tested the tents upstairs in retail.

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