Historic Sierra Designs Catalogs: An Introduction

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The historical now meets the present now at OutInUnder

The site is now publishing venerable old  catalogs as fodder for stories you want to share.  Go to  here for the very first Sierra Designs catalog.  For George Marks' commentary on the first catalog, take a look here

Notice all the advances in the subsequent 1968-69 catalog!   And George's story about the catalog here
You'll see links to the catalogs and introduction in the table below as they come online.
We know you'll find these historical documents intrinsically fascinating.   An even greater payoff is their ability to  spawn more stories—which, after all,  is why we're all  here.   Yes, some of these primary sources now before you are more than 40 years old, but we can catapult that history into the present moment by talking about them. 
* What products were you involved with? 
* What products do you love? 
* Any downright failures that we learned from? 
* Still using any of these? 
As you flip through the history portrayed here, don't flip out at the price increases.   Rather, lively up the past in the here and now. 
In addition to the products, at various times, catalogs have featured employees at various stages of recognizability, graceful drawings, and tales of use or wear in the vast Field of Life. 
Ways to input: 
New stories, perhaps with photos or videos!
Hold historical reenactments of your past by using the products and taking pictures or movies!
And don't hesitate to ask us about how best to put up your new ideas.

Sierra Designs Catalogs Summary:



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