Historic Sierra Designs Catalog: 1966-67

A gallery view of Sierra Design's First Catalog.  Click here for an introduction to these historic catalogs, and how to get into the coversation. Also, here is  George Marks' anecdote about publishing the first one, and here is George riffing on nomenclature for the fabulous sleeping bags.


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Karl Milhon (not verified)
I'm sitting here with ONE

I'm sitting here with ONE mitten shell made out of a water resistant snythetic fabric that I have been using since the late 1970's.  I lost the other one snow shoeing here in Montana last year and to save my soul I cannot find anything quite like it.  It has Sierra Designs Oakland CA on it in large.  It is not a mitten, it is made to go over liner gloves while X counrty skiing/snow shoeing.  The color is a coyote with a an extra blue layer across the palm/lower fingers of the hand where you grab a pole.  There is a piece of elastic across the back of the wrist just right to hold in place. I miss these.  Got any right hand ones laying around or could you make them again. Thin gore tex might work.  I think these were before gore tex but irrespective, they have been tried and true valuable pieces of equipment for a long time and were still going strong.  

Just kidding, sort of.  The closest thing is an Oregon Research piece at like 40 bucks that is too complicated and heavy.  I wouldn't change a thing maybe use a more modern high tech water repellent but that's about it.  



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