Helen Li's Retirement Party

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In July of this year (2014) Paul Kramer and Bonnie Ng hosted a retirement party for Helen Li. It was a wonderful event with folks from throughout her career showing up  to express appreciation for Helen's intelligence, skills, deep knowledge, and her major contributions to the great gear that defines our corner of the industry.

Here's follows the few photos and a few small bits of video that I took during the event.

So then, Help me out now folks! If you were there and have more, please send it on. This is merely the starter form of this story. I would particularly like any video of Jack and Paul's introductions of Helen!

[Helen's speech; she was gracious as always. Does anyone have Paul and Jacks introductions? Transcript below.]

[Helen with The North Face coworkers (from pre-1993): Cammy Harris, Susan Castner, Nancy Eisen, Kin Chan, Kevin Smith, Lydia Lam, Dan Castner, Helen Li, Susan Smith]

[A pan of the outside crowd. There were more folks in the kitchen and in Paul and Bonnie's living room.]

Transcript of Helen's Speech 

(Slightly altered to convert spoken to written flow.)

Helen: The first time I went out on a business trip for production overseas, it was with Jack. He took me over to Hong Kong for the first production in The North Face for what was called Gil-tex. Gil-tex was a success. Everything is just perfect. It came back, not one piece was a second. Everything was perfect. We were so happy we kept going. So when I went overseas to Hong Kong it was with Jack. 
Jack: That was the smartest thing I did. I didn't have much of a clue. When I get into the factory and see all the machines....
Helen: I was very happy working at Mountain Hardwear at that time [looking over at Paul] and with Mike. He trusted us. It made our work easier. We got a free hand. So thank you [gesture to Mike].
Mike: That was easy.
Helen: And thanks to everybody. So nice to meet all the friends. Thanks you.
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