Columbia Crew Meet and Greet at Mountain Hardwear 3/12/2003

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People in the video in rough order of appearance...

Sean Beers
Gert Boyle
voice off camera? ("great feeling down here yesterday")
Bryan Timm
Jack Gilbert
Tim Boyle
Pat Anderson
Martin Zemitis
Dan Bridges
Mark O'Keefe (off camera)
Sean McDevitt
Brian (I'm blanking on the Brian's last name)
Derek Mitchell
Nancy Eisen
Helen Lee
Mark Hrubrant
Tim Baka
Jamie Tipton
Chris Strasser
Hans Jones
Mike Wallenfels

Jack Gilbert
Tim Boyle
Gert Boyle
Mike Wallenfels
Shout out to Kent Laak
BBQ line - There were lots of folks in quick drive by view. I've listed those that where there as more of a pause.
Kao Hinh
Rowan Jimenez
Heather Jimenez (check last name?)
Kent Laak in action ("Just stay out of my way, Martin.")
Chris Clark
Roberta Hernandez
Rosie Andrews
Rowan reprise - ("How does it feel to be a great part of the machine. I'll drink to that.")

Transcript - part 1:

Martin Zemitis: Welcome to Mountain Hardwear.

Gert Boyle: Well, Thank you.

Unidentified: It’s a great feeling here yesterday I must tell you...

Unidentified:  Lot of positive feeling in Portland too.

Unidentified: That’s good.

Jack Gilbert: Oh Martin, do you have your damn video camera out?

Martin: I hear that a lot!

Tim Boyle: Hi, I’m Tim Boyle.

Martin: Hi Nice to meet you, I’m Martin

Unidentified: Nice to meet you all. This is Pat Anderson, and Bryan Timm.

Pat: Hi I’ve seen you around. Yea we’ve met.

Jack: Everybody deserves to're the star attraction here. No one wants to see Tim.

Gert: Yeah, its not unusual.

Dan Bridges: I’m Dan. Hey Martin. You’re Martin right? Ive seen you once in a while. 

Tim Boyle: Hi, I'm Tim Boyle.

Dan: Pleasure to meet you.

Mark: Mark O'Keefe

Martin: Pat, what do you do there?

Pat: I’m the COO.

Martin: Oh so you were answering the questions [on earnings calls, etc]?

Pat: No, that’s Bryan. I’ve moved out of that role recently.

Sean McDevitt:Hi there, I’m Sean.

Gert: Nice to meet you.

Brian: I’m Brian.

Jack: Hey Martin, we’re going to your place.

Gert: Somebody brought their laundry in huh?

Martin: That’s 1 tent.

Jack: This is the creative section. This is Martin’s office. It used to get really cold in here so we gave him some plastic so that he could just work in here.

Gert: Where do you do the cutting?

Jack: Downstairs. We've got a [] downstairs.

Gert: Oh so you’d have to move a bunch of stuff. And you still do it with paper patterns?

Jack: We do some, we do some that way. We’re not...

Martin: Most of those are pretty old. Yea the idea and stuff come here and then it goes to AutoCAD and then it goes from there, but the original stuff in the [].

Gert: And they're made overseas?

Martin: Yeah.

Jack: We actually do 30% of the domestic production here, we have American materials, we’ve got Malden Fleece that’s heavy and bulky to ship and fleece doesn’t acquire quite as high a percentage of labor like a shell jacket or a tent. Tents take hours and hours to sew. There's a lot of....

Gert: I know, I've played with tents. Once in my lifetime I’ve made a tent.

Jack: Didn’t you make all the prototypes for years for Columbia?

Gert: No not all of them but I made some of em. The ones with mistakes I make.

Martin: That’s how we learn

Gert: Columbia wasn't always as successful as we are now.


Gert: Hi, Nancy, nice to meet you.

Nancy Eisen: Pleased to meet you. Nice to meet you. That’s a very pretty necklace. Amber? Its beautiful.

Gert: Thank you.

Jack: Helen Li, say hello to Mrs. Boyle.  Helen is our sewing engineer that goes all.

More intros: Mark Hrubrant - International (MHW); Tim Baka (MHW); Sean Beers (CSC). 

Jamie Tiption: Hi there, Jamie Tiption.

Gert: Oh what a cute dog.

Jamie: That's Stinson.

Gert: Hi pooch.

Jack: He comes regularly...not all the time. When it's raining.

Jack: That is Chris right there.

Chris Strasser: Hi.

Tim & Gert:  Hey Chris, how are you?


Sean Beers: flashes peace sign.

Martin: You’re going to the peace rally tomorrow?

Sean: Absolutely.

Jamie: Did you sign your model release for this video?

Tim: So actually we’re both numbers of SAG so, of course, we wonder if he’s on the Union?

Jamie: No he’s not.


More introductions: Hans Jones. 

Tim: Thanks for the phone call last night.

Hans: You're welcome. It was heartfelt.

Tim: Well great, it's been exciting.


Mike Wallenfels:  One we need to do is expand on what this room is able to do.  Let me show you the core piece that got us into sportswear realm. And we did this. We got a patent on it. 

Gert: On what?

Mike: The conical waist construction. Its actually called [singles] conical waist. We had a designer come to us with an idea for a backpacking pant that basically created a pattern piece that goes around the hip so its conically shaped so it wraps around the hip. We line it with a chamois cloth so that you basically have a buffer zone underneath the backpack. We made a nice flat webbing belt and no big belt loops so you have as few pressure points as possible and the pockets are real low so you can reach with a backpack.

Gert: It's neat. Great.

Mike: Best-selling styles for us. Windstopper Tech Jacket.

Jack: You two have to come up with me. You can help with my introduction.

Transcript - part 2:

Jack: Gert we need you up right here. Really you're the guest of honor.

Gert: Jemenee!

Jack: Mike, you could come up, too. I just want to thank...Tim is going to do a presentation on Columbia...but I’m just really honored.  Frankly, we all should be that the most famous mother and son combination ever in the outdoor industry is actually down here to welcome us. I shows the importance they're their attaching to this. If any of you heard, most of you did hear the conference call yesterday, it was extremely positive and the reaction from the industry with the phone calls we made has been equally positive. So this is for real. Its done. We got to get back to work here pretty soon because I notice we have been neglecting our day to day chores a little bit as this has been going on but we are ready to go and I just want to say thanks. Thanks for coming down. And the floor is yours!

Gert: Alright. First of all thank you very much for having us here today! And I want to welcome you to our Columbia family. And we are really looking forward to having the most incredible years to come and I know that you all have been extremely successful and I hope that between the two of us we can really go get ‘em! All we need a little cooperation from God and a little more snow, more rain...

[Laughing, Someone says “I think its on the way”.. followed by claps]

Mike Wallenfels: So I am going to turn it over to Tim. And he is going to give a little presentation on Columbia. We talked about a little bit of it yesterday and also some of their plans with Mount Hardwear and how we are going to fit into the Columbia family.

To get an idea, when we knew that this was starting to go down, I thought that one of the best things would be to introduce us and our collective group to the Columbia folks as well as getting the Columbia people to know us especially to Tim and Gert would be to come for a barbecue. So Kent’s working real hard back there and getting some lamb and ribs and things like that going. It’s something that we do somewhat regularly, not everyday, because you know then we’d not do a lot between 12 and 3 o’clock. But this is our spring barbecue that we going to do and so we thought it would be great to have you down and it’ll be good to mix and meet and see everybody. So. Thank you for coming

Gert: Thanks for having us.

Tim Boyle: Thanks for inviting us. Well I can tell you that we are really excited about the combination that we announced yesterday between the two companies. I think we have explained it frequently not only to our board but between Jack and I to virtually all of our major customers together. This is going to be really terrific. Universal praise to your company for what they think this combination can be. So we are very excited about it and it doesn't mean that it is going to be absolutely friction-free. Especially when you have a very high commitment to product development what you guys have and we also have it in Portland. We have people who are committed to their own individual concepts of the product. We just want to make sure that we all work together and make sure that those parts of the business are insulated and there is an accommodation on both sides. So first of all, this is really going to be good for us.


MartinL Hello. How are you?
Kao Hinh: I am fine!

<A lot of talking and chatting going on now. No clear single audio>

Martin: I've got to get Kent doing his thing.

Kent Laak: Sure, Just please try to get out of my way.

Martin: Oooh that smells so good!

I’m not in line but you know what... 

Chris Clark: You're going to eat a strawberry anyway, Martin?

Martin: …I’m going to have dessert.

Chris: When life is uncertain, ear dessert first.

Rowan Jimenez: How you doing?

Martin: You're the only person that's not shy in front of the camera, Rowan.

Rowan: How does it feel to be like a great part of a machine? We're going. Cheers. Drink to that.

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