Clearing out my stuff at Mountain Hardwear

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The MHW Draggn Trophy

I very recently retrieved the last of my stuff from Mountain Hardwear. (Thanks to Annabel and Roberta for protecting it for me these many months.) 

Unpacking the boxes was a stroll down memory lane. I thought I'd share that with you.

MHW Dragon and Alligator Helmet Trophies

First up are the Mountain Hardwear Lizard King traveling trophies.

Best Overall Forecaster got the Dragon for a year. She's still looking good though a little chipped since being painted by Cate Wallenfels at Sierra Designs in the early '90s where she (the dragon, not Cate) was used as a trophy before being liberated from Sierra Designs by Bill Sterling and then pressed back into service at Mountain Hardwear.

The Lizard Helmet was made by Tatiana with an assist from Lois Horton's grandfather.

Lizard King Winners or LosersNext out of the box were a whole pile of brass name plaques that I intended to afix to some sort of wooden trophy to track Lizard King history.

I can't actuall remember whether I intended to track Best Overall Guesser and Worst Overall Guesser or (more likely) Best Color Guesser, Best Style Guesser, and Best Overall Guesser.

Lizard King Guessers

Reqardless, here's one possible sort: 

Next up is the Golden Lunch Box Award, created and awarded by Jack Gilbert to the Sales Rep who appeared most out to lunch at some point during the Sales Meeting.

Jack Gilbert's Golden Lunch Box Award.



The Flowbee

Last as an extra feature is the Flowbie. I don't know if folks remember but I used to cut my hair yearly at all the same length. I was describing to (I think) Tom Taylor and Richie Gardner that I had a plan to tape a chopstick to my vacuum cleaner hose as a depth gauge and use that to make it easy to trim my hair to a single length and vacuum up the cut hair all at the same time.

They told me the device already existed on late night TV! So I ordered one. Alas, it didn't work. The cutting blade (visible in the second photo) was so blunt that it didn't actually slice through your hair as much as bash at it. The net result was that it would suck your hair into the vacuum hose and then pummel it. It claimed to work if you were only trying to trim off 1/2 inch rather than 6-8 inches but I even doubt that. 

The Flowbee blade detail

Oops, missed a box. Here's one more photo of miscellaneous items. The office sign title was created by Tom Taylor. It was my favorite off all the goofy titles I adopted though the years topping even Director of Is.

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Tatiana Moller (not verified)
Dear Al,
Dear Al, I was just thinking about that silly lizard head the other day. I have built a few things since and that was my first. I like the eye patch! Best, Tatiana
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Joined: 03/23/12
Tatiana, The first addition was a glass eye that Lois Horton's grandfather kept in a desk drawer and pulled out to trip out his grandkids. That replaced the eye you started us with. When that got lost, too, it was time for an eye patch.
juan cagampang (not verified)
Ha! Loved that Flowbee
Ha! Loved that Flowbee 'experiment'. I routinely regail others with stories of polaroids pinned to you office door, increasingly ferral hair, and lost battles with vacuum cleaners... Can you clear up why, exactly the lizard was the trophy?

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