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A Bit of Grace

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The first recording is Dad saying grace at a family event in, as it appears on the file timestamp, early July 2014. 

Dad's grace is a highlight of family events for me. It always strikes me as simple but complete. I'm not sure what the event was...perhaps someone else has a better memory. You can see most of those there in the transcript. It appears there were a dozen of us. Also, I probably made a mistake telling Dad that I was recording him. He scrambles the grace a bit...the only time I've ever heard him do that. Next time, I'll sneak up on him. (Or, possibly, it's some sort of buffer overload.) Anyway, this time, I've altered the transcript to match his standard last sentences.

[Warning - turn the sound down to half volume. I clearly need to learn to do more with sound editing than simply snipping out segments.]

The second recording is the Johnny Appleseed Grace from the July 2014 Potter Reunion. Appropriately, it starts chaotically and lurches into harmony.


Alan Tabor: I'm going to tape record you saying grace.

Tom Tabor: Oh!

Susan TaborBoesch: OK, Dad.

Wendy Walsh: Tom, want to do grace?

Trish Tabor: Do you want to say grace?

Tom: Oh! Do I have to stand up.

Wendy: No! We're all sitting down for grace.

Alan: I'll go sit down.

Susan: We're starting.

John:  And we're all going to hold hands. Liz!

Liz Robinson: Coming!

Trish: We need another chair. I think we miscounted.

Alan: There are 11 of us?

Tom: Are we ready?

Susan: We need the cook. The cook's here now. We can start.


Dear God,

We thank you once again for a chance to get together
as friends and family...a nice habit is occasionally, every once in a while, as often as possible!

Thank you for the food we are about to eat. [We commend] our bodies to thy service. [Let us] always be  [mindful (thankful)] of the needs of others.

















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